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We want to offer our customers and suppliers the most efficient service possible which means not just resolving queries quickly, but providing a consistent and customized response. We will provide you on both purchase and sales side with an attractive quotation. Thanks to our optimized treatment and process, we guarantee highest possible quality at favourable terms and conditions.

DHZ AG purchases and sells recycled materials from domestic as well as third party markets. With the implementation of latest state of the art technology and method, we recover the metalliferous components and products from bottom ash or metal-containing waste products. We refine for example NF mixtures to high quality products for a direct use at the smelter and by this way we bring back the material to the industry and keep it at their highest utility and value at all times. On the basis on our long standing experience and reliable logistics partner we can contribute to a smooth delivery procedure and provide solutions to ensure maximum value. Please contact the person in charge for Switzerland or any other region and you will be helped. Please use our contact form if you would like to leave any questions or comments. We are always at your disposal.