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About us


DHZ AG was founded on the 22 December 2009 and belonged to Eberhard companies in Kloten until 2019. Since 2019, DHZ AG is part of stefan eberhard ag with headquarters in Zuzwil SG.


Function of DHZ AG

Our task is to recover the valuable raw materials from the waste. After processing, the recyclable materials are to be reintroduced into the product cycle. The resulting residues are disposed of in the landfill in compliance with the law.

Headquarters of DHZ AG

The headquarter of DHZ AG is located at Deponiestrasse 1 in Lufingen. Additional processing plants are located in Oberglatt.



Goals of DHZ AG:

  • Precise planning in compliance with the law
  • Respect for the environment and surroundings
  • Open communication
  • Modern company
  • Contemporary workplaces