Gibsmodell Anfahrtsplan Gibsmodell Anfahrtsplan


Know-how transfer

Use the potentials

The supersort®technology concept is based on an ambitious DHZ engineering programme and a combination of in-house research, experience in different recycling technologies and state-of-the-art techniques used.

In a close co-operation with specialists and equipment manufacturers the concept was converted step by step into reality. The supersort®technology plants are running with great success and are recovering metals larger than 0.5 mm. A lot of disposal contractors dispose too much metal in their landfills and pollute the seepage water and the environment. On the other hand the recovered metals can be sold for a good price. Using the right technology an additional 1% of non-ferrous metals can be recovers in the grain size form 0 – 3 mm (depending on input-material and bottom ash quality). With a prospective co-operation you can use this potential too. We offer our skills in the following domains:

  • Plant conception
  • Planning and designing
  • Construction and launch of the plant
  • Designing a suitable logistics concept
  • Logistics
Gibsmodell Anfahrtsplan