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The primary duties of the supersort®lab are the analysis of the input materials, the process monitoring, the quality management of the products and the support of the further development of the supersort®technology.

Our lab is specialized in the analytics of metals in waste streams such as bottom ash, ASR and other metal-containing waste. Besides the determination of particular parts of non-ferrous metals with the help of selective crushing, magnet-, density- and hand-sorting, we also use the latest XRF-technology. The XRF-technology allows the measurement of the elementary composition of a sample within the one-digit ppmrange which gives us the possibility to detect the content of precious metals. Our experienced and well educated lab technicians work with great accuracy and reliability.

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Standard material examinations

Incoming material analytics
Every delivery for the supersort®metal-plant is first checked for radioactivity according to the SUVA regulations. A sample of the delivered material is taken afterwards according to LAGA PN 98 and is checked for material moistness. A retained sample is stored until the complete processing of the order.

Process monitoring
Production samples are taken from our plants supersort®, supersort®fine and supersort®metal on a regular base. With our constant process monitoring, a high product standard is guaranteed.

Quality management of our products
To find the right customer, the quality of all our products is consistently checked.

An overview of our possibilities

  • Sample preparation: From taking a sample to splitting, homogenization, and crushing
  • Particle size distribution through sieve-classification (wet/dry)
  • Determination of material moistness
  • Classification of particular metal contents with the help of selective crushing and hand-sorting
  • Density-sorting with a heavy-solution
  • Crushing with jaw- or drum-breaker
  • Smelting of samples
  • Measuring the elementary composition with XRF-technology

The technics and the possibilities of our lab are consistently improving and will be extended on demand.