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supersort®fine pss

treatment of the fine fraction

supersort®fine pss starts, where the conventional treatment of the bottom ash ceases. The fine fraction of the bottom ash (< 5 mm) contains a high potential for the recovery of metals. In this fraction, the valuable heavy metals, but also precious metals such as silver and gold, are present in an increased concentration compared to the coarser fractions. In conventional bottom ash treatment plants, this fine fraction is not process further, but deposited directly. Thus, up to 50% of the non-ferrous metals are lost based on the input. The challenge in the processing of the fine fraction is, among other things, the classification of the fine and moist bottom ash. Where screening is no longer possible, supersort®fine pss will be used for the classification and preparation of the fine bottom ash fraction. Since 2014 DHZ AG has using this technology with supersort®fine reliably and successfully on an industrial scale.

result: a high quality non-ferrous metal concentrate

The innovative method utilizes the different throwing distances in the acceleration of particles with different sizes and densities. In this way, the patented process supersort®fine pss achieves a coarse material enriched with metals. This is then further concentrated on a specialized eddy current separator. The result is a valuable non-ferrous-metal concentrate with a high proportion of heavy and precious metals which can be further refined and a residue fraction strongly depleted of metals which can be deposited.

everything from one source

With a Swiss partner, DHZ AG offers the unique supersort®fine pss process on the market, thus enabling everyone the economic recovery of the metals from the fine fraction of bottom ashes smaller than 5 mm. We determine for you the potential of the fine processing, take over the planning and construction of the new treatment plant and look after you, competently and reliably during the operation. Contact us for a non-binding consultation and use our unique know-how in the fine processing of bottom ash.

SMITH Artfinal 5859

advantages supersort®fine pss

  • additional revenue through higher recovery of the metals from the fine fraction with a ghigh proportion of
    precious metals (gold, silver,…)
  • reduction of the environmental impact of treated bottom ash during landfilling or when used as a building material due to the lower metal content in the residue
  • classification of sticky and moist material
  • separating cut of the classification variable between 0,5-2 mm
  • everything from a single source: with your bottom ash sample, we analyse the potential of metal recovery, elaborate a rough concept for fine preparation and a business plan and take over the planningand construction of a new processing plant
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In the future, an increasing amount of valuable metals like heavy and precious metals will exist in the smaller grain sizes. supersort®fine pss enables the recovery of metals down to a grain size of 0.5mm.

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The fine fraction of bottom ash contains metals which are usually not processed. supersort®fine pss, the dry-mechanical process for fine bottom ash, enables you to increase the recovery rate up to 50 %.

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The ballistic method is a simultaneous sorting by size and density. The residue fraction below 0.5 mm is removed and a metal-enriched coarse fraction is produced.