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Dedusting is very important in every process step of the supersort®technology. To ensure a relaible operation of the plant and to guarantee safe work environment, the dedusting is adapted for the process needs. With the support of qualified partners and innovative technologies we are able to keep the different plants almost dust-free.


supersort® and supersort®fine

The dedusting plant for supersort® and supersort®fine cleans 122’000 m3 of air per hour. To keep the working environment convenient and nearly dust-free, the dust is sucked off at several transfer point of the plant.1260 tube filters guarantee clean air according to the regulations.



The dedusting machine for supersort®metal will clean more than 300’000 m3 of air per hour. To guarantee a dust-free operation of the plant, all parts of the plant are enclosed and equipped with exhaust points. For safety reasons the dedusting machine is explosion-proofed.