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What are shredder residues?

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Usually in the recycling of Cars, electronics and electrical household aids the materials are shredderd and afterwards separated by air. The result is a Shredder-Light-Fraction (SLF) and a Shredder-Heavy-Fraction (SSF). SSF contains the bigger and densier material and contains most of metals, but also in the SLF are still some metals which can be separated from the plastics. Both fraction, SLF and SSF, can be processed in the supersort®metal plant.



  1. Liberation of metals
  2. Removing organics and minerals
  3. Recovering ferrous elements
  4. Grading of metal-mixture
  5. Sorting in a light and heavy metals fraction with different sizes
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  • Light non-ferrous metals (Aluminium, Titanium, Magnesium, …)
  • Heavy non-ferrous metals (Copper, Brass, Lead, Silver, Gold, ...)
  • Plastics
  • Organics