URS 3397 URS 3397



Purchasing materials

supersort®technology recovers metals out of wastes and purifies them into high quality secondary raw material. It is able to process the following materials:


MSWI bottom ash

DHZ Input NE Mix 3 12Mm Supersort 2015 09 03 F Skala

Non-ferrous metal concentrates with a grain size of 0 – 100 mm from different recycling plants

DHZ Input RESH Bazo 2015 09 13 F Skala

Shredder residues: light and heavy fraction

URS 9090

Other metal-containing wastes streams


supersort®technology generates pure metal- and plastics-fractions. Particles size and quality of products can be changed upon customer requests. Thanks to a continuous process monitoring, we can guarantee a high and constant product quality. This simplifies the planning and the process operation for our customers. Our logistic concept complements the service offered.

Die nachfolgenden Produkte entstehen nach der Aufbereitung und Veredelung durch die DHZ AG:

Fe Scrap

Scrap iron coarse

URS 5793

Scrap iron fine


CU-FE "meatballs"

URS 5847

Stainless steal



Organik Brennbar

Organics, flammable materials

LNF Fein

Aluminium fine

DHZ Output 15 30Mm LF 2015 09 070 F Skala

Aluminium coarse

DHZ Output 2 4Mm SF 2015 09 117 F Skala

Heavy non-ferrous fine

BHS DHZ Output 10 15Mm SF 2015 09 108 F Skala

Heavy non-ferrous coarse